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How to SHINE! | Let's prep, apply and extend your Shine Tan!

December 12 2022 – Angela Ruh

How to SHINE!  | Let's prep, apply and extend your Shine Tan!
How to SHINE! | Let's prep, apply and extend your Shine Tan!


To Prep for Shine Spray Tans or Shine At Home, Start with Exfoliating the skin. This step is extremely important!! By removing the outer layer of dead skin, you will insure a longer lasting, and smoother looking tan. Start with Shine's "Double E" Method the night before or several hours prior to the application step. On dry skin, use your Shine At Home Exfoliating Brush. Starting at the base of the foot, using circular motions, work up the body towards your heart. Your skin cells lay like shingles on a roof so this lifts and loosens them. You might see dust-like particles flying around. That's your dead skin! Ewww! 
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The Second part of the Double E Method is using your Shine At Home Exfoliating Mitt in the shower to now remove those loosened dead skin cells. Put your Favorite body wash on the dampened mitt and use the same circular upward moving motion revealing baby smooth skin!


Application of your Shine Shade Mousse or Shine Spray Tan is next (Take our quiz to find your Shine Shade) Whether you visit a Shine Studio or using Shine At Home Mousse, you will want your skin completely cooled down from your shower and pores closed. We recommend step one "Prep", which is done several hours before this step. "Application"
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Pump 3 pumps of Shine at Home Mousse onto your Shine Application mitt and apply in an even over lapping format on parts of the body you wish to tan. Avoid dry area like elbows, hand and feet with excessive product. We recommend using the majority of the product on an area like your calf and them swiping lightly with the almost dry mitt over the foot.
These Dryer areas will grab the product the most so be very conservative on those areas. Even adding Lotion to hands and feet immediately after application can help assure these areas won't turn too Dark. 
For helpful application tips and tricks use our how-to video link here! 


Extending the life of your Shine Tan! We love our clients to understand their DHA level to understand this step! DHA is the active natural ingredient that changes your skin cells brown. Your Shine DHA Levels range between 6.5% - 11.5% DHA depending on which level was chosen for you during your quiz. The 6.5% to 7.5% is for light skin tones. The 8.5% to 9.5% for Medium tone skin and 11.5% for Darker skin tones. Shine's Extend lotion is a 4% DHA level.
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This hydrating lotion will help extend the life of your tan and/or fill in any "crackle" effect you may get as your tan wears off. "Crackle" is usually seen more on dryer skin or mature skin. You can also use this lotion alone for a hint of color or "Build-a-Tan" if used daily by itself