At Shine Spray Tanning and Waxing, we take pride in our use of high-end proprietary products and services. Providing an unparalleled client experience, we're here to make sure you are safe, comfortable and relaxed during your service and then leave with a picture-perfect tan — and more. In addition to spray tans, we offer waxing, spa services, and massage to help you give the highest level of self-care services possible.

In 2020, just in time for the need to keep a bit of distance, we launched our Shine@Home line of products. Shine@Home is the result of months of testing, design, and laboratory work. We’ve created the perfect shade of self-tanning products that provide just the right amount color that lasts! You control the deepness of the tan by how you apply, we make sure it lasts and looks natural. Give our Shine@Home products and try at your house!


At SHINE, we believe that everyone is unique and beautiful inside and out. Self-care and self-love are not luxury industries. Rather, they are a necessary part of our healthiest lives.

Looking your best often translates to feeling our best, and giving the best of ourselves in everything we do. Shine is the inner brilliance that we all possess. Give yourself the gift of a healthy glow, without the dangers of UV. Take time to pamper your skin.

Go ahead. SHINE ON.

Woman showing off her Shine sunless tanning bikini line, a spray on tanning salon.