Experience the touch of perfection with Shine Studios' professional waxing services. Our highly skilled and trained professionals are dedicated to providing you with smooth, flawless skin that lasts. We ensure that your skin is left soft, smooth, and hair-free.

Our waxing services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We prioritize your comfort and hygiene, employing disposable materials and maintaining strict sanitation practices. Let us take care of your waxing needs, so you can enjoy the confidence and beauty that comes with silky-smooth skin.



Achieve perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows with Shine Studios' professional eyebrow waxing service.

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Experience a smooth and hair-free facial waxing treatment with Shine Studios' professional lip waxing service.

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Say goodbye to unwanted hair on your chin with Shine Studios' expert waxing services, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free.

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Achieve a flawless, hair-free complexion with our professional facial waxing services at Shine Studios, ensuring smooth and radiant skin.

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At Shine Studios, we provide a quick and effective solution for removing unwanted hair and achieving a clean, polished look.

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Achieve flawless and smooth skin with our comprehensive full face waxing service, expertly designed to remove unwanted hair, leaving your face perfectly groomed and radiant.

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Our customized waxing services are designed to remove unwanted hair from the neck area, giving you a smooth and refined appearance.

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Indulge in our hand and foot waxing services, where our skilled professionals provide a clean and polished look, leaving them silky-smooth and rejuvenated.

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Experience smooth and hair-free arms with our professional waxing services, performed by our skilled estheticians to ensure effective and long-lasting results.

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Achieve clean and smooth underarms with our waxing services, expertly performed by our skilled estheticians, leaving your underarms feeling fresh and hair-free.

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Experience silky-smooth legs with our professional waxing service that effectively removes unwanted hair and leaves your legs looking and feeling beautifully smooth and hair-free.

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Achieve flawlessly smooth legs with our expert waxing service, administered by our skilled estheticians to deliver effective hair removal and leave your legs irresistibly silky and hair-free.

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Experience the confidence of a perfectly groomed bikini area with our professional bikini waxing service, performed with precision and care by our skilled estheticians to leave you feeling smooth, fresh, and ready for any occasion.

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Achieve a clean and confident look with our expert waxing services, leaving you with a smooth and sleek brazini area that allows you to embrace your beauty and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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Experience the ultimate in smoothness and confidence with our Brazilian waxing service, leaving you with a perfectly groomed and hair-free result that enhances your comfort and self-assurance.

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Achieve a clean and polished look with our chest and back waxing services, designed to effectively remove unwanted hair and reveal a smooth and well-groomed appearance.

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Woman at the beach, showing her sunless tan from Shine and waxing spa service.

Brazilian Wax

Our Brazilian waxing service removes all hair from the pelvic area, including the front, back, and everything in between, leaving you with completely smooth and hair-free skin. This popular option provides a clean and confident feeling.

Woman showing off her bikini wax by the pool from Shine, glow tan salon and spa.

Bikini Wax

Our bikini waxing service is tailored to leave you with a tidy and groomed appearance while still maintaining some hair along the bikini line. It's perfect for those who want to feel confident in their swimsuit or underwear.

Woman showing off her Brazini wax by the water, courtesy of Shine tanning locations.

Brazini Wax

Combining the best of both worlds, the Brazini is a hybrid waxing style that combines elements of a Brazilian and bikini wax. You'll have the option to remove more hair than a traditional bikini wax, while still leaving some hair in the desired areas.

Woman getting a waxed eyebrow treatment courtesy of our Brow Club, a Shine tanning salon exclusive.


Keep your brows looking their best with our convenient monthly membership!

Join for $15 a month for 1 year (savings of $36 per year) and receive a FREE SPRAY TAN when you sign up!

Experience the perfect combination of beautifully shaped brows and a sun-kissed glow, all at an affordable price. Our comprehensive Lash & Brow Services cater to your unique preferences:

- Classic or Volume Lashes: Enhance your natural beauty with a choice of subtle or dramatic lash extensions, meticulously applied for your desired look.

Hybrid Lashes: Indulge in the best of both worlds with a combination of classic and volumizing techniques, creating a stunning and customizable result.

Fills: Maintain the longevity of your lash extensions with our expert fill services, ensuring your lashes always look flawless and full.

Laminations, Waxes, and Tints: Complete your look with meticulous lash laminations, precise brow waxes, and defining tints, framing your face with perfection.


The staff here are so kind and professional. I believe Annie is the name of the individual who completed my spray and she was great. The spray tan turned out even and the color was as expected. I always have a great experience here.

Julia T.

Brittany at legacy location is amazing. She took her time and made my eyebrow waxing an incredible experience. Highly recommend her!! Thank you!!!!

Melissa C.

Angie, Olivia and Britany are all amazing ladies. I have been going to shine for a year and a half, Brazilians and spray tans, and I keep coming back. I have had both at other salons but they beat out the competition hands down. Highly recommend!!

Katie Q.